java-gnome 4.1.3, released 4 May 2013
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Mailing lists

The java-gnome project currently has two active mailing lists. At the moment, both are hosted at SourceForge.

This is the place for developers, that is, people using the bindings to create applications, to ask questions and to discuss issues like usability and best practise.
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This is the mailing list where the people hacking on the bindings themselves discuss design issues, what they're working on, and manage the release process. You're welcome to join the list, but please keep discussions on topic.
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We hang out in the #java-gnome IRC channel on the GNOME IRC network at The people who hack on the bindings tend to discuss the work they're doing there, but developers using java-gnome to create applications are welcome to stop by and ask questions. And if you're just casually interested, then by all means feel free to lurk in the channel.

The team of people active in the java-gnome community are spread all over the world and so tend to be on the net at different times of the day. So if you have a question or problem, do be patient.

Bug reports

We use the GNOME bug tracker for tracking issues. (view bug reports, file a bug)

Note that we do not use Bugzilla as our TODO list; members of the project have their own individual areas of interest, and generally co-ordinate their work on IRC. Nor do we use Bugzilla to list missing functions. If a part of the GNOME libraries have not yet been covered it is not really necessary to file a bug requesting it. Far more useful would be contributing the code actually implementing the missing feature. Patch bundles can be sent out-of-band directly to the maintainer; they don't need to be placed in a bug nor sent as a mailing list message.

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