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Installing java-gnome on Fedora Core or RHEL

TODO: This will work once someone actually packages java-gnome 4.0 for Fedora

java-gnome is part of the official GNOME language bindings suite, and as such should be present in any recent Red Hat Linux system.

The following command will install the latest released version of the bindings library:

FIXME do we need to point people at a special package repository?

# yum install java-gnome

As java-gnome 4.0 is a completely new from-the-ground-up implementation, it depends on a very modern version of GLib, GTK, and the other libraries in the GNOME stack. While Fedora Core typically ships only a few months off the GNOME release cycle, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is at times years behind, so you may find you have to take extra steps to ensure the necessary prerequisites are present. A Red Hat system with GNOME 2.18.x installed should be more than sufficient.

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