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Re-engineering (3): Version numbers

I’ve stated my views about versioning before; summarizing quickly:

Our version numbers NOT coupled to underlying libraries

I’d like us to break the tight coupling of our library version number to the versions of the underlying libraries (note, plural) that we are wrapping, thus freeing us to use the traditional major.minor.patchlevel (z.y.x) numbering to properly signal API changes without having much of anything to do with whether or not GTK or GNOME finally chooses to go to “3.0” next week or next century.

[The bump to 4.y and 3.y is to avoid being re-entangled the moment that the myriad GNOME libraries arbitrarily do the jump to 3.0. As has been pointed out elsewhere, that event will probably be marketing-driven and will not likely imply an API or ABI break! Good optics, but bad programming juju]

Therefore, our next release set will be (plus or minus whatever naming scheme we use):

glib-java   4.0.x
cairo-java  4.0.x
gtk-java    4.0.x


Which as a whole will be called “java-gnome 4.0”. The pieces that are part of the GNOME bindings set will happily go into “GNOME 2.18” or whatever with these version numbers.

Release plan

One final note here — the first golden release set of the new bindings will be java-gnome 4.2:


Originally written as an email to java-gnome-hackers by Andrew Cowie on 7 Sep 06; last modified 7 Dec 06. This document is fairly transient and will likely be removed once a more rigorous release plan is written

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