java-gnome 4.1.3, released 4 May 2013
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java-gnome 4.1

Project Objectives; Release notes (in NEWS file)

Everyone loves a screenshot!

These are the Java bindings for GTK and GNOME! Featuring a robust engineering design, completely generated internals, a lovingly crafted layer presenting the public API, and steadily increasing coverage of the underlying libraries.

You can use java-gnome to develop sophisticated user interfaces for Linux applications so that they richly integrate with the GNOME Desktop while leveraging the power of the Java language and your expertise with it.


If you're new to java-gnome, then you want to jump straight to the documentation section for everything you need to get started.

The latest release notes are always available on the NEWS page. If you're already developing applications that use java-gnome, that's where you want to look to catch up on the latest changes.

Other top-level meta files include README, HACKING, AUTHORS, and LICENCE.

java-gnome has been around over 12 years! The current 4.x series was originally an initiative of Andrew Cowie at Operational Dynamics, who started using java-gnome to write tools for executing massive changes and upgrades. java-gnome has since become a general library used by people writing GNOME programs for both their business and personal environments. We have contributors from around the world; feel free to join in.

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