java-gnome 4.1.3, released 4 May 2013
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Principal architects

Andrew Cowie <>
Srichand Pendyala <>
Vreixo Formoso Lopes <>

Significant authors

Sebastian Mancke <>
Stefan Prelle <>
Serkan Kaba <>
Guillaume Mazoyer <>
Sarah Leibbrand <>

Casual contributors

Wouter Bolsterlee <>
Nat Pryce <>
Remy Suen <>
Thomas Schmitz <>
Mario Torre <>
Manu Mahajan <>
Andreas Kühntopf <>
Zak Fenton <>
Stefan Schweizer <>
Kenneth Prugh <>

Mentoring and design review

Owen Taylor <>
Carl Worth <>

Build system improvements

Laszlo Peter <>
Michael Kedzierski <>
Maciej Piechotka <>
Vincent Geddes <>
Karsten Bräckelmann <>
Timm Preetz <>
Colin Walters <>
Rob Taylor <>
Yaakov Selkowitz <>
Alexander Boström <>

Although java-gnome 4.0 is a complete from-the-ground-up rewrite, certain parts would not have been possible without the example and inspiration provided by the generations of authors and maintainers of java-gnome leading up to 2006. We owe them an enormous debt of gratitude.

Where significant portions of code is re-used, the copyright and authorship noted in a given file reflect it. Otherwise the authors of java-gnome, and the copyright they exert as owners of their work, are summarized above and listed on a file by file basis.

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